We provide in-depth technical product support, and our world-class team assists customers in material compounding and synthesis, as well as crystal growth optimization.


To be the world’s leading company in designing and fabricating innovative and reliable specialty crystal-growth solutions tailored to industry and R&D customers’ needs


To empower industry and researchers to fabricate next-generation semiconductor and opto-electronic materials that enhance and improve our way of life.


We collaborate with our customers to create and deliver results-driven solutions that empower our customers to move from ideas to revenue while taking risk off the table.

About Us

Apollo Crystal Group Company

Founded in 1960

. The initial company group was founded in 1960. Our team has decades of experience in engineering and developing advanced and reliable crystal growth systems. We are a world leader in high-temperature oxide furnaces.

Our projects


Sapphire EFG machines

Modern, high-efficiency design for sapphire tapes fabricated using EFG. Primary application: smartphone screens.

Sapphire Kyropoulos

Equipment-set for growing high-quality sapphire crystals by the Kyroupoulos method. Primary application: LED substrates

Czochralski crystals

High-temperature Czochralski crystal-growth furnaces tailored to customer requirements. Primary applications: wide-ranging, including a wide variety of oxide/wide-bandgap semiconductors