Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth

EFG furnace designed for growing shaped crystals (sapphire and other). Crystal growing machine by EFG method. "Orion" is sapphire crystal growing machine with max crystal weight 10 kg. The EFG machine can growing up to 38 tapes at one time. A crystal form depend from shaper. The furnace can be use for any profile products such as: tapes, tubes, profiles, rods, etc. Best effectivity solution for high quality sapphire glasses windows making. Lowest making cost for sapphire glass.


  • Automatic growing ingot predetermined form (automatic growing crystal speed control)
  • The system of direct weighing growing ingot (exclusive)
  • Bottom rod with working and accelerate adjustable movement speed (supply for Customer request)
  • Resistive or Frequency heating (up to 20 kHz) with automatic frequency oscillatory circuit
  • Furnace is equipped with preinstalled software on a perpetual commercial license
  • Closed water cooling system with proximity sensors control the flow and temperature of cooling water lines
  • Power stability of the heating system is not less than ± 0.01%
  • Software enables programs to form heating cooling, each of which comprises a sequence of independent segments, defined by three parameters: the increment of the voltage on the segment length of a segment of time and limit the voltage on the segment. It is possible to maintain these programs in the electronic memory of industrial computer. The software implemented the ability to "hot" switch from one program to another.
  • Many other features will added by Customer demand

Automatic growing including seeding

Presicion weight control system

Inside height of chamber, mm : 1000-1,400

Inside diameter of chamber, mm : 450-800

Run of the top rod, mm : 450-1000

Heating type: inductive or resistive

Working atmosphere: vacuum, inert gas

Vacuum, torr: 7,5*10-3

Area required, sq. m : 6-12

Max Crystal weight, kg: 10

Power, kW : 30-90

Weight, kg : 2150

  • Smartphones screens cover
  • Sapphire optics lens
  • Smartphones camera lens
  • Tube for high-temperature lamps
  • Rods for medical
  • Vehicle armor optics
  • Science aparatus
  • Sapphire crucibles
  • Laser rods
  • Screens protected schields
  • Optical fiber
  • Sapphire glass for smartwatches
  • Individual protection viewport
  • Capillaries