Slicing machine-tools

solutions for crystal growth and machining

Sapphire wire slicing

The machine-tools is intended for slicing of single crystal sapphire ingots, notably of sapphire monocrystals, as well as for slicing of other hard or superhard materials. Slicing is done by a diamond coated wire


Diameter of sliced ingots: up to 500 mm

Length of sliced ingots: up to 300 mm

Wire speed: up to 15 m/s

Number of wafers from one cycle of cutting pieces: up to 150;

Weight of the device: 1310 kg

Typically machine-tools connections

High-efficiency process

  • Sapphire ingots
  • Sapphire tapes
  • Sapphire rods
  • Silicon crystal
  • Hard and extrahard materials
  • LED sapphire wafer
  • Ceramics and glasses
  • Thin extrahard structures