Our innovative solutions for crystal growth industry

kyropoulos sapphire
Kyropoulos method

Crystal growing set for LED substrates. Supply equipment and training

crystal growth furnace
Kyropoulos method

Supply group of the crystal growing furnaces. Demo crystal growing service

EFG sapphire crystal
EFG sapphire projects

EFG furnace designed for growing shaped crystals. Sapphire glasses.

Czochralski scintillator
Czochralski method

Scintillator and laser crystals growing project. Equipment and installation. Technology support

EFG furnace smart
EFG machine project

Our company was support building new sapphire making factory. EFG furnaces. Main application sapphire smartphones cover.

crystal growing machine
efg automatically seeding

Special software and hardware set. For more detailed information contact us.

growing crystal
Czochralski special

High purity Germanium (Ge) crystals project. Double vacuum chambers. Special solution for high-purity materials

sapphire LED furnace
KY machines for factory

Crystal growth equipment for big sapphire crystals. "Omega" type furnaces. Sapphire boule 80-90 kg.

Crystal growing set
Kyropoulos equipment set

High efficient technology. Optical crystal grade. Modern sapphire growing furnaces

crystal furnace and technology
Kyropoulos upgrade technics

Design solution for high weight crystals Ky crystals. Technical and technology support project.

design crystal growing furnace
Additional information

Please, contact us! We have many succesful projects in crystal growing field.