Crystal Growth machine by the Kyropoulos method(KY)

This machine for growing crystals by Kyropoulos method. KY sapphire growing machine “Omega” Sapphire boule are high efficient yield sapphire single crystal materials. Yield rate of the Kyropoulos sapphire boule more high then other known methods. Main applied for LED-industry.


  • Closed water cooling system with proximity sensors control the flow and temperature of cooling water lines
  • Software enables programs to form heating-cooling, each of which comprises a sequence of independent segments, defined by three parameters: the increment of the voltage on the segment length of a segment of time and limit the voltage on the segment. It is possible to maintain these programs in the electronic memory of industrial computer. The software implemented the ability to "hot" switch from one program to another.
  • Control and monitoring provides a fully controlled by the user on the software and hardware levels of crystal growth process
  • Implemented the ability to control mechanical parts installation, implemented the ability programming parameters of the heater power
  • Furnace is equipped with preinstalled software on a perpetual commercial license
  • "hot" switch between automatic and manual types of control, at any moment you can stop the execution of the current program is automatically carried out the process and manually setting the new parameter set to continue process in automatic mode
  • Control and monitoring of the crystal growth is able to save all existing programmed parameters of the growth process in the nonvolatile memory.
  • Software is the preservation of all operator actions and changes all the setup parameters in nonvolatile memory.


Sapphire crystals weight 30 - 150 kg

High automation of the process

Special adaptive software

Resistive heating

Working atmosphere: vacuum

Vacuum, torr: 2*10-6

Area required, sq. m : 10

Weight, kg: 2300

Power, kW: 40-100

Technological stages:
  • loading crucible;
  • pumping out working volume up to residual pressure 6x10-5 Tor;
  • heating raw materials to 2100 Celsius and melting it
  • seeding
  • decreasing of the power with a given speed
Sapphire crystal for:
  • LED substrate
  • Smartphones screens
  • Camera of smartphones lens
  • The specialized optical applications. Windows, lenses, prisms and etc
  • Lens of a photo and a video cameras
  • Screens protected schields
  • Watch industry applications
  • smart watches glasses such as «iWatch»
  • Armored protective sapphire glass as windows for military equipment and special devices
  • Sapphire plates as ballistic armor elements for vehicles
  • Individual protection viewport
  • Endoprosthesis
  • Protective housings and domes